Installation Registering Repeaters
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 33
3. Open ShoreTel IP930D Manager for the base.
a. From a PC on the same subnet as the base, enter the following:
http://sd_<MAC address of base>
If this step fails, see Cannot log into a base with ShoreTel IP930D Manager on page 84.
b. Enter “admin” for the login ID and the last four digits or characters of the base MAC address
for the password.
4. From the Base Security page, turn on Handset/Repeater Registration and save the settings.
5. Turn on each handset associated with this base. (You can turn on all of the handsets at once.)
6. On the handset, choose Menu > Connectivity > Register/Deregister and enter the Handset
Registration code “0000”. Press the OK softkey.
The handset displays the idle screen after successfully registering and contacting the switch.
7. If you are registering repeaters, continue on to the topic below. Otherwise, disable Handset
Registration in the Base Security page of ShoreTel IP930D Manager and save the settings.
Registering Repeaters
After registering handsets, register any repeaters that are associated with the base. (You can skip this
step if your system does not include repeaters).
Before you begin: Confirm that Handset/Repeater registration is still active on the Base Security page
in ShoreTel IP930D Manager. This state is indicated by a blinking green/red LED on the base station.
1. Plug in a repeater. Make sure it is near the base you are registering to.
If you have daisy chained repeaters, always start by registering the repeater that is connected to the
base. Leave all repeaters on until the last one is registered.
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