32 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Installation Registering Handsets
Have static IP addresses been reserved for all of the handsets, including extra capacity for future
If 802.1x is being used, has authentication been configured for each base on the Ethernet
switches and/or RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) servers?
Is a common subnet available for all bases to share?
Have arrangements been made for providing power to repeaters?
Is option 156 configured on the DHCP server to ensure that the bases will download the required
Is the MAC address written down for each base station? (The MAC address is located on the rear
label of the base station.)
Registering Handsets
Before you begin registering handsets, note the following:
Be sure registration is enabled on only one base at a time so that you register repeaters and
handsets to the intended base.
If your system uses multiple bases, the first base you configure must be the one designated RPN
0. Refer to the installation summary to identify the MAC address of the base with this designation.
If you are attaching the base to an 802.1x secured network, you must pre-configure security
credentials in the base before Registering the handsets and Repeaters. See Configuring Bases on
a Network Secured with 802.1x on page 70.
To register handsets, follow these steps:
1. Factory clear the base.
a. Plug the base into a powered Ethernet switch until the LED indicator starts flashing green.
b. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the base for at least 10 seconds or until the
LED indicator turns off.
The base resets and downloads configuration file(s) and any software upgrades. This can take
several minutes. The process is finished when the green LED on the base turns steady green.
Do not proceed to the next step until the LED is steady green.
2. Wait one to two minutes for the base to obtain an IP address from DHCP and start up.
Never unplug a base while its LED indicator is flashing red or it may be permanently
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