ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 29
This chapter contains the following topics:
Installation Overview on page 29
Creating Configuration Files on page 30
Registering Handsets and Repeaters to Bases on page 31
Performing a Site Survey to Confirm Coverage on page 34
Finalizing Installation on page 36
Installation Overview
Once you obtain ShoreTel IP930D equipment, complete the tasks described in this installation
overview. For more information about each step, see the topics that follow.
1. Use the ShoreTel IP930D Configuration Tool to create base-specific configuration files.
2. Store the configuration files on the FTP server in the same directory where the standard IP phone
configuration files are located.
3. Register handsets and repeaters with their associated bases.
4. At the installation site, temporarily install a base and its associated repeaters at a location
specified in your draft installation layout.
5. Perform a site survey to check that handset RSSI levels are -75 dBm or better in the areas
requiring coverage. Adjust locations or add repeaters, as needed.
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