26 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Planning Preparing a Draft Installation Layout
Preparing a Draft Installation Layout
Using the coverage range measurements from your site survey, estimate base and repeater layouts
that are likely to provide a value of 75 dBm RSSI or lower everywhere that handset coverage is
The purpose of the draft layout is primarily to order equipment for installation. Determining the exact
location of the base and repeaters can only be approximated at this stage. The layout can be fine-
tuned when you perform the final equipment installation.
Keep in mind:
Each base station supports as many as four handsets.
Each base station supports as many as four repeaters.
You can daisy chain as many as three repeaters, although doing so can introduce delays.
To increase the number of handsets for your system, you can overlay additional bases and
repeaters at a location where you have already successfully installed a base and repeaters.
However, the total number of handsets must be within system limits and components must be
spaced at least one meter apart. See Understanding System and Coverage Limits on page 13.
Draft Installation Layout—an Example
This system uses multiple bases and associated repeaters to support 12 handsets
Customer Premises
Repeater to Base Associations
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