ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 101
This glossary defines terms and abbreviations relevant to the ShoreTel IP930D system.
Term Definition
dBm A power level measurement that the system uses to report RSSI levels. Note
that a -40 dBm signal is greater than a -60 dBm signal and that sometimes the
minus sign is not used, such as when the dBm level is displayed by the site
survey tool on a handset.
DECT Channel The combination of a timeslot and frequency for transmitting information in a
DECT system. In the US and Canada, 12 timeslots times 5 frequencies yields
60 available channels. Europe, Australia and New Zealand provide up to 120
FP Fixed Part. Refers to bases and repeaters.
IPEI International Portable Equipment Identity—a unique identifier for repeaters.
IPUI International Portable Unit Identity—a unique identifier for handsets.
MGC Media Gateway Controller.
Multicell A system consisting of more than one base.
PoE Power over Ethernet (802.3af)
PP Portable Part. Refers to handsets.
RF Radio Frequencies.
RFPI Radio Fixed Part Network Identity—a unique identifier for bases.
RPN Radio Fixed Part Number—a unique number between 0-255 assigned to each
base and repeater in a system.
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator.
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