Chapter 1: Hardware Installation
VPN Concentrator Installation and Configuration Guide 3 Back Panel
Call out Description
APower Connector – Accepts the plug from the supplied
power adapter which can be connected to an AC outlet on
the wall using the supplied power cord.
B4 Ports 10/100 Mbps LAN Switch – Any one of the four
ports can be used to connect to the Local Area Network
(LAN) network.
CUSB Ports – Not used.
DEthernet WAN Port – This port is typically used when
connecting the 4500 to an upstream router.
EManagement Console Port – This port is used to establish
a local console session with the 4500 using a VT100
terminal or emulation program. The cable required is a
straight-through 8-wire cable with female connector. The
serial port uses a baud rate of 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
and no parity.
This port is used for debug or local diagnostic purposes
only. Primary configuration of the 4500 is performed from a
web browser as covered in Chapter 3.
Figure 1-2 Back view of the 4500
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