Chapter 6: Conference Viewer Conferencing User Guide
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6.3 Share Menu
This menu is available to the host or participants with permission to share.
From here, designated hosts and participants specify what to share with other conference
6.3.1 Display Share Menu
Step 1 Join a conference as the host (or receive permission to present).
The Share menu is displayed on the toolbar.
Step 2 Click Share.
The Share menu is opened (Figure 6-2).
Figure 6-2 Share Menu
Table 6-2 Share Menu Options
Entire Desktop Launch Presenter and share your desktop with conference participants.
Personal Library Share material uploaded to your personal conference library.
Shared Library Share material uploaded to the shared conference library.
Send File Send a file as a message to conference participants. Participants can choose to open the
message or save it.
Whiteboard Use conference page as a whiteboard. Whiteboard tools are available for the presenter
Import Presentation Import Powerpoint presentations into conference. You must first stop sharing to import
the presentation. After a presentation is uploaded, sharing starts automatically.
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