Conferencing User Guide Chapter 5: Conference Presenter
5.2.2 Install ShoreTel Presenter for Windows
Step 1 Download the Java RunTime Environment.
Step 2 Install Presenter.
5.2.3 Install ShoreTel Presenter for Windows using ShoreTel
Conference Web Portal
Download and install ShoreTel Presenter for Windows on the computer used for desktop
sharing (if Presenter for Windows is not pre-installed via Communicator).
Presenter for Windows can be downloaded from your company ShoreTel conference Web
Step 1 Launch your Web browser.
Step 2 In the address field, type the URL for your company ShoreTel conference Web
(If you do not know the URL, contact your ShoreTel system administrator.)
The Public tab of the ShoreTel conference Website is displayed (Figure 5-1).
Step 3 Click Download.
The Download page is displayed (Figure 5-2). You can also access this page from
the My Conference tab by clicking Download Presenter Software.
Step 4 Click Download ShoreTel Presenter.
The File Download Security Warning dialog box is opened.
Step 5 Click Run.
Step 6 Presenter for Windows is downloaded.
The ShoreTel Presenter Installation Wizard is opened.
Step 7 Follow the prompts.
Figure 5-1 ShoreTel Conference Web Portal Public Page
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