Chapter 5: Conference Presenter Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 83
Conference Presenter
5.1 Introduction
ShoreTel Presenter enables a conference participant to share desktop content with other
conference participants.
Sharing is possible only if ShoreTel Presenter is installed on the computer sharing the desktop
and the computer(s) receiving the shared content. (ShoreTel Presenter is automatically
installed with ShoreTel Communicator.)
Only one participant can present at a time. Depending on the configuration of the conference,
the default presenter is the host. (The host can give permission to other participants to share
their desktop, or the conference can be configured so any participant can share.)
When a participant launches presenter, the desktop is outlined in a red frame.
The participant can adjust the display sharing settings to accommodate different display
resolutions and select a specific application to share.
ShoreTel supports two presenter applications:
ShoreTel Presenter for Windows
ShoreTel Presenter for Java
They provide the same basic features and functions.
5.2 ShoreTel Presenter for Windows
ShoreTel Presenter for Windows can present PowerPoint presentations.
ShoreTel Presenter for Windows also includes a Desktop Accelerator that can optimize the
rendering of shared pages.
5.2.1 Presenter for Windows Installation Requirements
ShoreTel Web Conferencing service
A web browser:
Microsoft Internet Explore 9.0
Firefox 12.0 (supports Windows and Mac operating systems)
Safari 5.0
Adobe Flash 9 or later
Java Runtime Environment or later
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