Conferencing User Guide About this Guide
Hardware Documentation
Following installation documents are packaged with the associated ShoreGear voice
switch, ShoreTel Service Appliance 100, or ShorePhone IP phone:
Quick Install Guides for each ShoreTel Voice Switch
Shoretel Service Appliance 100 Quick Install Guide
Quick Install Guide for each ShorePhone IP phone
User Documentation
End-user documentation is installed during the ShoreTel Communicator installation. It
is available through the Help > Contents and Index command in ShoreTel
Online Knowledge Base
To access additional information about the current release or to resolve issues with the
ShoreTel system, you can use the ShoreTel online knowledge base.
This password-protected, online database is accessible to authorized contacts through
the ShoreTel web site at
Document Conventions
Conventions used in this guide include the following:
Data-entry field names, hypertext links, control buttons, keywords, and other
items within the system management interface are in boldface text.
Information that you enter in data-entry fields is in a data_entry font.
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