Conferencing User Guide Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference
Delete a Whiteboard
Whiteboards are automatically deleted when you leave a session.
To manually delete a whiteboard:
Step 1 In the field that identifies the whiteboard that is being displayed, select the a
Step 2 Click the - (minus sign) icon (Figure 4-26).
A confirmation message is displayed (Figure 4-27).
Step 3 Click Yes.
The page is refreshed, and another whiteboard is opened, or the Share Desktop
page is displayed.
Figure 4-26 Whiteboard Delete Icon
Figure 4-27 Whiteboard Delete Confirmation Dialog Box
Stop and Restore Whiteboard Sharing
You can stop sharing the whiteboard during a conference session; the whiteboard is removed
from the viewer.
You can restore the whiteboard at any time; he latest changes are displayed.
To stop whiteboard sharing:
Step 1 Click Stop.
The conference page is refreshed, and the Start desktop sharing page is displayed.
To restore whiteboard sharing:
Step 1 Click Share > Whiteboard.
The whiteboard is restored in the viewer.
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