Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 73
Integrate Presentations
After the slides in the PowerPoint presentation are imported into the conference session, you
use the ShoreTel conference Web page to present the presentation.
Also, you can use the whiteboard tools to mark presentation slides.
Presentations are handled independently of each other. When multiple presentations are
imported into a conference session, only one presentation is loaded into the conference session
page at a time. The presentation is available to all conference participants having presentation
To change or display a slide:
Step 1 Locate the field providing information about the presentation between Share and
More on the toolbar.
Step 2 Click the right arrow to advance to the next slide.
Step 3 Click the left arrow to move to the previous slide.
Step 4 Click the field and select the slide that you want to display.
The screen is refreshed, and the slide is displayed.
To use whiteboard tools:
Step 1 Select a tool.
Step 2 Move the cursor to the point where you want to start marking.
Step 3 Click and drag the mouse as necessary.
Marks are retained until the presentation is closed.
Marks cannot be saved directly, but you can record the Web conference session.
See Record a Conference section on page 79 for information about recording a
Step 4 To adjust the size of the presentation in the Web page, click the field to the right of
More on the toolbar and select the screen size that you want to use for displaying
Step 5 To clear the page without stopping share, click Stop.
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