Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 61
4.3.2 Join Conference from ShoreTel Conference Web Portal
You can join conferences from Public or My Conference. Join Conference from Public
Browsers supported: Microsoft Internet Explore 9.0, Firefox 12.0, Safari 5.0
Step 1 Launch a supported browser.
Step 2 In Address, type the URL for the ShoreTel Conference application (provided by
your system administrator).
The ShoreTel conference Web portal is opened.
Public is displayed for systems that support audio and Web conferencing (Figure
4-6) or for systems that support audio only (Figure 4-7).
Step 3 In Show, select a conference:
In-progress conferences: Display list of conferences in progress.
Today’s conference: Display list of all conferences scheduled for today.
Step 4 Click Go.
The page refreshes, listing the conferences.
Step 5 In Name, locate the conference that you want to join.
Step 6 Click the name of the conference.
Step 7 Click Join.
The conference session page is launched.
The name prompt in Figure 4-2 may be displayed. If so, go to Figure 4-9. If not,
go to Figure 4-10.
Step 8 Type your name in the prompt.
Step 9 Click OK.
The Audio Conference dialog box is displayed over the ShoreTel conference
session page (Figure 4-3).
Step 10 Select the method you want to use to join dial the audio session of the conference.
I’ll call this number: You dial into the audio session of the conference.
Call me at this number: Type the number where you can be reached; the
conference calls you.
Step 11 Click OK.
NOTE Click Cancel if you have already dialed in or you do not intend to dial
into the audio session.
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