Conferencing User Guide Chapter 3: Creating Conferences
3.2.2 Invite Conference Participants through ShoreTel Conference
Web Portal
After a conference is created, you can invite additional participants through the ShoreTel
conference Web Portal or through your default email application.
NOTE When creating a conference, you can use your Outlook contact list to invite additional
participants. Your e-mail invite allows you bring up your Outlook with the conference
invite information. Invite Additional Participants
Step 1 Launch the ShoreTel conference Web portal.
Step 2 Sign in.
Step 3 Click My Conferences.
Step 4 Click Conference.
Step 5 Select a conference.
Step 6 Click Invite.
Step 7 Enter email addresses or email groups. (Separate each entry a comma.)
The conference name is automatically generated.
The invitation message is automatically generated.
The default message contains:
Number for audio portion of conference.
Participant access code for audio portion of conference.
Link for the web portion of conference.
Password for conference (if required).
Conference date, time, and duration.
NOTE To edit the message, highlight text and type new message. The invite
also displays whatever is configured in Additional Calling Information.
Step 8 Click Send Email or Open My Email.
The email is sent from your default email application.
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