Chapter 3: Creating Conferences Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 45
Creating Conferences
3.1 Introduction
The ShoreTel system allows you to configure conference settings via multiple interfaces.
3.2 Create a Conference
NOTE You can also create a conference in one click with Outlook. See what.
Step 1 Launch ShoreTel Communicator.
Step 2 On the menu bar, click Windows > Conference Web Portal.
Your ShoreTel Conferencing portal is launched in a web browser.
Step 3 Click Set default time zone.
Step 4 Select the time zone for your geographical location.
Step 5 Click Add a Conference.
The Add a Conference page is displayed (Figure 3-1).
Step 6 In Conference Name, enter a name.
The name is referenced in e-mails about conference sessions.
Step 7 In Date/Time, specify conference type:
Reservation-less: ad-hoc.
Schedule: recurring.
Step 8 Select Start Date.
Step 9 Select Start Time.
Time is based on default time-zone parameter set for your conference viewer.
NOTE Time is automatically calculated for remote users.
Step 10 Select Duration.
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