Conferencing User Guide Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal
Step 8 To remove your comment, click Discard.
The comment is discarded and the Comments pane is closed.
Step 9 To post your comment, click Post comment to public area.
The comment is posted on the conference page.
NOTE You can send a private comment to the conference host by clicking Send
private comment to host. Set Time Zone (if not already set)
Step 1 In Set default time zone, select the time zone for your location (Figure 2-5).
The Web page is refreshed, and your computer is set to the time zone in which it is
located, ensuring that conference events reported on the computer are adjusted to
local time. The default time zone is UTC 12:00.
NOTE You have to set the time zone only once for your computer. The setting
is common to all ShoreTel conference Web portal tabs and pages on
your computer.
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