Conferencing User Guide Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal
Table 2-7 Public Conferences List Conferences
Step 1 In the Show field, select a search parameter.
Step 2 Click Go.
The results are displayed.
NOTE You can also list conferences using the Search field: Enter the name or
part of the name of a conference or host (or a conference access code),
then click Search. Join a Conference
Step 1 Click a conference name, or click Join.
For more information about joining a conference, see page 57. View Information about a Conference
Step 1 Click Info.
A page containing information about a conference (including comments posted to
the conference Web site) is displayed (Figure 2-28 and Table 2-8).
Show Set search criteria for conferences.
Today’s conferences.
In-progress conferences.
All conferences.
Go List conferences specified by criteria in how field.
Search Search public conference database by conference name, host name, and access code.
Name Conference name. Conference host is also listed.
Date For scheduled conferences only: Display conference start date, meeting time, and meeting duration.
Info Display conference information, including off-system dial-in number, participant code, and public
comments. Comments can also be posted here (if a conference is configured to accept comments).
Join Join (or initiate) a conference.
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