Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 21
Figure 2-11 Recordings Audio Only
Table 2-2 Recordings
Show Display name and location of recordings.
Go Display contents of selected folder.
Rename folder to Rename recording folder.
Rename Rename recording file.
Delete Delete file.
Move selection Move selected folder from one location to another.
Move Transfer recordings to selected folder.
Recording ID Automatically assigned to recording session.
Multiple recordings can be made in a conference.
Name Conference name.
Date Date and time recording was made, and duration.
Invite Send recordings as e-mail attachments.
Edit Edit recordings.
Play Play recordings.
Download (web & audio) Download web and audio recordings.
Download (audio only) Download audio recordings.
Set default time zone Specify your local time zone. All conference information is adjusted to this setting.
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