Conferencing User Guide Chapter 8: Microsoft Outlook Integration
8.7 Uninstalling ShoreTel Calendar Integration Tool in
The calendar integration tool in Microsoft Outlook does not schedule conferences when the
user is switched from a ShoreTel Converged Conferencing bridge to a ShoreTel Service
In order to re-enable the conference scheduling feature after such a switch, you must uninstall
then re-install Outlook Calendar integration.
8.7.1 Uninstall Integration with Outlook Calendar for ShoreTel
Converged Conferencing
Step 1 Launch ShoreTel Communicator.
Step 2 On the toolbar, click Tools > Options (or click the ShoreTel logo and select
Options in the drop-down menu).
The Options and Preferences window is opened.
Step 3 Click Outlook.
Under Calendar, click Uninstall.
NOTE If Outlook is open, the Shutdown Application pop-up is opened. You
can close Outlook or leave Outlook open. Click Ignore. If Outlook is left
open, you must close and re-open it for the uninstall to take effect.
When Outlook is re-opened, the ShoreTel Conference application is no longer
displayed on the toolbar of the Action tab in Microsoft Calendar.
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