Chapter 7: Instant Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 113
Instant Conference
7.1 Introduction
Install one of the following on ShoreTel Communicator computer for presentation:
ShoreTel Presenter for Windows
Java Run Time Environment or later
7.1.1 Set up Data Collaboration Session
Step 1 Establish a call with ShoreTel participants.
Step 2 Call participants launch ShoreTel Communicator on their computers.
Step 3 One user, the host, clicks the Start Instant Conference icon on the bar in
Communicator showing the call as shown in Figure 7-1. (You can also click Call >
Start Instant Conference on the toolbar.)
A link for the conference appears in the call cell as shown in Figure 7-2. The link
shows the Web address and the conference ID number. Also, if configured to do
so (the default value), the link is automatically activated on all participant
machines and the conference viewer is launched as shown in Figure 7-3.
NOTE If the ShoreTel conference viewer does not automatically appear, click
the link to launch it.
Step 4 Click the start button in the conference viewer to start desktop sharing. Control of
the desktop can be transferred to another user at any time.
The Launch Application dialog box appears as shown in Figure 7-4.
Step 5 Do one of the following:
Click VPresent to share your desktop.
Click Choose button to select the application that you want to share.
Click OK. ShoreTel conference presenter launches. The conference presenter
appear as thick border that encases your desktop or the application you select as
shown in Figure 7-5. The conference presenter appears in the Web page that is
launched when participants join the Web conference.
NOTE The desktop or application that you are sharing is encased in a thick
border with four buttons at the top center. The buttons allow you to
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