Chapter 6: Conference Viewer Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 107
6.6 Audio Conference Options
The Audio Conference Options allow the host to manage the audio portion of the conference
for a selected participant.
The host can call members to join the audio session, and manage the audio of a selected
6.6.1 Invite a Participant to an Audio Conference
Step 1 Log into a conference as the host.
Step 2 In the Participant panel, click Audio Conference Options.
The Audio Conference Options menu is opened (Figure 6-10).
Step 3 Click an option.
A dialog is opened (Figure 6-11).
Step 4 Enter the number of the party.
Step 5 Click OK.
The system dials the number.
Figure 6-10 Audio Conference Options Menu
Figure 6-11 Call Option Dialog Box: Call Participant
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