Parking and Unparking Calls Getting Started 1
ShoreTel IP Phone 485g User Guide 31
To do a consultative transfer:
1. While engaged in a call, press the Transfer button.
2. Dial the number you want to transfer the call to.
3. After the other party answers the call, do one of the following:
To complete the transfer, press the Yes soft key.
To cancel the transfer, press the Cancel soft key.
Parking and Unparking Calls
With the appropriate permissions (set by your ShoreTel administrator), you can park a connected call
on another extension and you can unpark that call and return it to your extension.
To park a call:
1. While the call is active, press the Park soft key.
2. Dial the extension number where you want to park the call.
The call is parked on the designated extension.
To unpark a call and return it to your extension:
1. Press the Unpark soft key.
2. Dial the extension number from which you want to unpark the call.
The parked call is returned to your extension.
If you want to cancel the transfer before the other party answers the call, press the Cancel soft
key or take the original call off hold.
To unpark a call, the call must be on hold on the other extension.
If the call is not answered on the parked phone within a certain amount of time (as configured by
your ShoreTel administrator), the call returns to the original extension. The default is 60 seconds.
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