Logging in to the Voicemail System Getting Started 1
ShoreTel IP Phone 485g User Guide 13
2. Enter the extension number that your ShoreTel administrator provided, and then press the Next
soft key.
3. Enter one of the following passwords:
If your ShoreTel administrator provided a password, enter it and press the OK soft key.
If your ShoreTel administrator did not provide a password, enter the default password of 1234
and press the OK soft key.
4. If prompted, enter a new password, and then press the Next soft key.
5. Enter the new password again, and then press the OK soft key.
Your phone displays your name and extension.
Logging in to the Voicemail System
If you are a new user in the ShoreTel system, you need to log in to the voicemail system to record your
name and personal greeting. For details, see Logging in to Voicemail from Your Phone on page 57.
Unassigning Your Extension from the Phone
If you share a phone with others (for example, if you’re a mobile worker who shares an office) or if you
are using a phone temporarily for some other reason, you should unassign your extension when you
are finished using the phone. You can do this through the Unassign soft key, if your phone displays it,
or you can use the Options menu.
To unassign your extension if your phone displays the Unassign soft key:
1. Press the Unassign soft key.
2. When prompted, press the Unassign soft key again.
Depending on how the phone was configured, the phone displays Anonymous, Available, or the
name and extension of the user whose extension is typically assigned to the phone, unless that
user is currently assigned to another phone.
To unassign your extension through the Options menu:
1. Press the Options soft key.
2. Enter your voicemail password, and press the OK soft key.
The Options menu opens.
3. Press the navigation key to scroll to the Unassign user option.
4. With the Unassign user option highlighted, press the Unassign soft key.
Ask your system administrator for the minimum password length.
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