Chapter 8: Managing Address Entries ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 99
Directory Contents: The table below the column headings displays address
information for the contacts that are accessible to ShoreTel Communicator.
Directory contents may be provided from three sources:
ShoreWare system users. You cannot remove or edit these entries.
Personal contacts added by the user.
Outlook Contacts when Outlook Contact Import is enabled.
In addition to performing column heading sorts, you can group address entries by
Company or Data Source. When address entries are grouped, the field by which the
contents are grouped is listed as a data entry field instead of a column heading.
To group Directory Contents, right click in the Directory Contents table and
select Group By -> Company or Group By -> Data Source.
To turn off grouping, right click in the Directory Contents table and select
Group By -> Don’t Group.
8.2.2 Managing the Directory
The Directory viewer includes a tool for exporting all directory entries to a .csv file. You can
also add directory entries to your Contacts viewer from the Directory viewer. Exporting the Directory to a .csv File
Comma-separated values (.csv) file format is a file type that stores tabular data by using
commas to delimit data fields. CSV files are supported by most software applications and
are convertible to conform to specific requirements.
To export Directory viewer contacts into a .csv file, right-click the Directory Contents and
select Open as Text.
ShoreTel Communicator responds by converting the directory contents into a .csv file. Your
computer then opens the .csv file through the program specified by your folder options –
typically notepad or MS Excel. Importing Directory Entries from a File
ShoreTel Communicator supports the import of contact entries contained in a tab-
delimited file. The first row in the file must list column headings for which contact
information is provided by the file. Only data that corresponds with a column headings
that match a pre-defined ShoreTel Communicator column heading will be imported into
the directory. To view the available column headings, refer to the Column Heading bullet
item in Section on page 105.
To import contacts from a Tab-Delimited File:
Step 1 Open the Directory Viewer
Step 2 Open the Import Directory wizard by righting click in the contact table and
selecting Import.
Step 3 Click the Browse button and navigate to locate the file to be imported.
Step 4 Press the Next button.
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