ShoreTel 12.3 97
Managing Address Entries
8.1 Introduction
ShoreTel Communicator provides three viewers for organizing and displaying address
information of ShoreWare system users and other personal contacts. You can also initiate
and manage communication sessions through these viewers.
The Directory viewer displays all system users and personal contacts. You can also
display Outlook contacts in the ShoreTel Communicator directory.
The Contact viewer displays selected Directory entries to provide convenient
access to frequently accessed entries.
The Speed Dial viewer provides a list of entries that you can initiate contact
through pressing a single phone button. You can also initiate calls from this viewer.
This chapter describes the ShoreTel Communicator address viewers.
8.2 Directory Viewer
The Directory Viewer displays contact information for all entities listed in all rosters
available to your user account, including the system user directory, Outlook contacts, and
personal entries that you add. You can view and modify contact information, initiate
communication sessions, and send messages to directory entities from the Directory
To open the Directory Viewer, perform one of the following:
Click the Application Button and select Windows -> Directory
Select Windows -> Directory from the Assignment Bar
Select Windows -> Directory from the Main Menu
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the System Tray and select Windows -> Directory
Press Ctrl+Shift+D
The Directory viewer opens in the Main window content area or in a Satellite window.
8.2.1 Directory Components
The Directory Viewer displays a list of contacts, as shown in Figure 8-1. Each row
corresponds to one address entry. Each column lists one directory entry property. You can
customize the Directory viewer to display a subset of the available columns.
Columns that the Directory viewer can display include:
Data Source: This field indicates where source of the contact – system extensions;
imports from your Outlook contact list or address book; or user created entries.
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