ShoreTel Communicator for Window Chapter 7: SoftPhone
7.2.2 Managing SoftPhone Calls through ShoreTel
You initiate, control, and terminate voice calls through SoftPhone by performing ShoreTel
Communicator operations, as described in Chapter 4.
7.2.3 Keypad
The ShoreTel Communicator keypad, located on the right side of the Assignment bar, has
twelve keys labeled 0 to 9, *, and #. Pressing a key sends a DTMF tone to the other party of
the voice call. You cannot initiate a voice call with the keypad.
7.2.4 Muting the SoftPhone
Muting the SoftPhone disables the microphone, allowing you to continue listening to the
other party without being heard. The SoftPhone Mute button is on the right side of the
Assignment bar, as shown in Figure 7-2. In addition to controlling your microphone, the
Mute button displays the mute status.
To mute the SoftPhone, press the Mute button.
To enable the muted SoftPhone microphone, press the Mute button.
Figure 7-3 displays the Mute button when SoftPhone is muted and not muted states.
7.3 Configuring SoftPhone
The Options and Preferences: SoftPhone panel specifies the computer sound devices and
network adapter used by SoftPhone. Section A.2.15 on page 195 describes the Options and
Preferences: SoftPhone panel and the SoftPhone configuration parameters on the panel.
Figure 7-2MMute Button in the Main Window
Figure 7-3MMute button states
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