ShoreTel 12.3 95
7.1 Introduction
SoftPhone is a ShoreTel Communicator software component through which you participate
in voice calls and listen to messages over your computer through a headset or speakers
with a microphone. SoftPhone is a licensed feature that is enabled by your system
7.2 Using the SoftPhone
7.2.1 Assigning SoftPhone to Your Extension
To assign SoftPhone to your extension, perform one of the following actions:
Click the Application Button and select Extension Assignment -> SoftPhone.
Click the Assignment button on the Assignment Bar and select SoftPhone on the
drop down menu, as shown in Figure 7-1.
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the System Tray and select Extension Assignment ->
Press Ctrl+Shift+S
The Assignment button displays the SoftPhone icon to indicate that your extension is
assigned to the SoftPhone.
Figure 7-1 Activating SoftPhone from the Extension bar
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