Chapter 6: Presence ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 93
The bottom two parameters provide options for adding checked contacts to the user’s
Contact List and to automatically accept all future presence privacy requests.
6.4.3 Managing the Privacy Access List
The Options and Preference: Instant Messaging Privacy panel, as shown in Figure 6-5,
displays contacts that are allowed or denied access to a user’s Presence Privacy information.
Refer to Section A.2.13.3 on page 193 for a description of the Options and Preference:
Instant Messaging Privacy.
The table on the right side of the panel displays contacts for whom the user has granted or
denied presence information access. The data field immediately above the table filters
contacts displayed on basis their access to presence information. Users can add contacts to
the list by pressing the Add button at the bottom of the panel. The status of a contact’s
access can be changed by highlighting that contact in the list and pressing the Allowed or
Blocked button located at the bottom of the panel. Contacts are removed from the list by
pressing the Delete button.
Users do not receive instant messages from contacts whose privacy state is Blocked.
Presence access requests are also blocked from these users.
Figure 6-4 Notification popup
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