Chapter 6: Presence ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 91
The Options and Preferences: Instant Messaging – Presence panel specifies the presence
icons that ShoreTel Communicator displays and the inactivity period that triggers the Idle
state transition. Section A.2.13.2 on page 192 describes the Options and Preferences:
Instant Messaging – Presence panel.
6.3.2 Presence Change Alerts
Users can mark a contact to determine when that contact has terminated a phone call or an
instant message session. ShoreTel Communicator then informs the user when the contact
has changed their presence. Users that can access a contact’s IM presence information
receive notification of IM or telephony presence changes. Users that are denied access to a
contact’s presence information can only receive notification of that contact’s telephony
presence change.
To mark a contact for a presence change alert, right click the desired contact in the Contact
List and select Alert When Available on the context menu. If that contact is on the phone or
in an Instant Message session, ShoreTel Communicator displays the popup shown in Figure
6-3 when that contact completes the call or session. If that contact is not on the phone or a
session, the popup is displayed after the contact subsequently begins a call or session, then
terminates it.
Pressing the snooze button closes the popup for the period listed on the button. If the
contact is still available after the period elapses, the popup is displayed again. If the contact
is not available, the popup is displayed immediately after the contact becomes available.
Figure 6-2 QuickDialer Presence Icons
Figure 6-3 Presence Change Alert popup
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