ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 6: Presence
6.2.3 Combined Presence
ShoreTel Communicator displays the combined presence state when configured to show
only one presence icon for each user. The combined presence is based upon the user’s
telephony presence and instant messaging presence states.
The following presence states are listed in priority order, from highest priority (1) to lowest
priority (11). The text next to the combined state name specifies the condition that triggers
a transition to the state.
1. In a Call: Telephony state – On the Phone, Held / Park, or Ringing states.
2. Do Not Disturb: Instant Messaging state – Do Not Disturb
3. CFA VM (Call Forward Always): Telephony state – Do Not Disturb
4. Busy: Instant Messaging state – Busy
5. Be Right Back: Instant Messaging state – Be Right Back
6. Away: Instant Messaging state – Away
7. Call Handling Mode: Telephony state – Busy
This state is valid if the user’s active call handling mode is not Standard.
8. Idle: Instant Messaging state – Idle
9. Callable: Telephony state – Available
10. Available: Telephony and Instant Messaging states – do not care
11. Unknown: Telephony and Instant Messaging states – unknown
Transition to a presence state requires that no higher priority states are valid.
Example: When the Telephony state is Active (1) and the Instant Messaging state is Do
Not Disturb (2), then the Combined state is In a Call (1).
6.3 Displaying Presence
6.3.1 Configuring Display Options
Users can specify the presence information they publish through Option and Preference
Presence options. Available options include displaying both presence settings, either of the
settings, or a blended setting.
ShoreTel Communicator displays presence information in the following components:
Assignment bar, as shown in Figure 6-1.
Contact viewer displays the IM and telephony presences of the users’ contacts.
Hovering the cursor over an icon displays a popup that lists the active presence state.
Make New Call dialog panel.
Agent Monitor (telephony presence only).
Redial drop down list in QuickDialer, as shown in Figure 6-2.
Auto suggest list in QuickDialer.
ShoreTel Communicator automatically adjusts the presence status of users as they use
system resources. Users can also manually adjust their status at any time.
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