ShoreTel 12.3 87
6.1 Description
Presence is a ShoreWare feature that identifies, uses, and distributes the availability of
system users and other personal contacts. Presence information allows users to verify the
availability of other users before attempting to contact them. Presence improves overall
enterprise productivity by reducing calls to unavailable parties and by providing the
enhanced ability to schedule immediate schedule meetings, events, and communication
sessions based on the availability of desired participants. Users can also choose when to
receive Instant Messages by changing their presence settings.
A user can monitor the presence of a maximum of 500 other contacts. System
Administrators configure the number of contacts a user can monitor by setting the
maximum contact list size.
6.2 Presence Types
ShoreTel Communicator defines three presence settings for each user.
Telephony presence indicates user availability for accepting voice calls.
IM presence indicates user availability for engaging in instant messaging
Combined presence is a single setting that indicates user availability on the basis of
Telephony and IM presence status.
Telephony presence is available to users of all ShoreTel Communicator types. IM presence
is available to users of Professional, Operator, Workgroup Agent, or Workgroup Supervisor
ShoreTel Communicator. Director settings control user access to both presence types.
ShoreTel Communicator implements presence through states and rules. Presence states
indicates user status. Presence rules define conditions that trigger transitions between
presence states. ShoreTel Communicator defines different presence states for telephony
presence and IM presence.
6.2.1 Telephony Presence
Each user is assigned a presence state based on their communication availability. Users
cannot manually select a telephony presence state.
ShoreWare assigns a priority level to each presence state. When a user condition triggers a
potential transition into multiple presence states, ShoreWare assigns the state with the
highest priority to the user.
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