ShoreTel Communicator for WindowsChapter 5: Instant Messaging
5.3.3 Creating and Sending a Message
To create a message, verify that the Message Window is active, then type the text in the
input panel at the bottom of the Window.
To send the message, either click the Send button in the bottom right corner of the
Message window or press the Enter key
5.3.4 Adding a Participant to a Chat Session
Instant Message session can include two or more participants. To add a participant to an
Instant Message session, enter contact information of the new participant in the Add
Participant field on the right side of the Instant Message panel, as shown in Figure 5-1,
then press the enter button. Subsequent messages are sent to all users listed in the Session
Participant list.
5.3.5 Terminating an Instant Message Session
Closing the Instant Message window terminates all Instant Message sessions. When the
Instant Message window controls more than one session, individual sessions are
terminated by pressing the X icon on the right side of the chat tab.
5.4 Configuring Instant Messaging
5.4.1 Privacy and Control Access
Users control the list of people that can send them IM messages through IM Presence
Privacy settings. Contacts that can view a user’s IM presence can also send Instant messages
to that user.
IM Privacy is described in Section 6.2.2 on page 82.
5.4.2 Instant Messaging Options
The Options and Preferences: Instant Messaging panel configures alert and IM window
options along with identifying your user name on the server that conducts your instant
message conversations. Section A.2.13 on page 191 describes the Options and Preferences:
Instant Messaging panel.
The Options and Preferences: Sounds panel specifies the sound that the computer plays
when ShoreTel Communicator receives an instant message. Section A.2.17 on page 197
describes the Options and Preferences: Sounds panel.
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