Chapter 5: Instant Messaging ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 85
Contact Viewer: Right click on the entry of a desired contact to display a menu that
includes an IM option. Operator ShoreTel Communicator also provides a toolbar with
an IM button.
Call Cell for an active voice call: Right click on the call cell to display a menu that
includes an IM option or click the IM icon located on the right side of the call cell.
Voice Mail Viewer: Right click on a user’s name and select IM.
Active Call: During an active call, click the Application button, select the call, and
press the IM button.
ShoreTel Communicator opens a message window when you initiate a conversation.
5.3.2 Receiving the First IM of a Conversation
When you receive the initial message of an IM conversation, ShoreTel Communicator
displays an Alert on the bottom right corner of the monitor. The Alert displays the text of
the initial message. Clicking anywhere in the Alert opens an IM window. Figure 5-3
displays an Instant Message Alert.
Instant Messaging alerts are configured on the Options and Preferences: Instant Messages
panel. You enable the display of alerts and specify the period that alerts appear on your
monitor from this panel.
To dismiss the Alert without responding to the inbound IM, click the X symbol in the
upper right corner of the Call Alert. The IM indicator in the taskbar continues flashing
until you display the IM window.
Figure 5-2 Instant Message Option for a QuickDialer contact
Figure 5-3 Instant Message Alert
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