ShoreTel Communicator for WindowsChapter 5: Instant Messaging
display of each session is controlled by pressing the chat tabs located on the right side of
the panel. The Options and Preferences: Instant Message panel configures the method of
displaying multiple chat sessions, as described in Section A.2.13 on page 191.
The contents of a user’s IM window is unaffected when other users close their IM windows.
The IM window contains the following components:
Address Bar: displays the party with whom you are conversing.
Function Bar: displays icons for initiating a voice call or for saving the current
Text Panel: displays previously exchanged messages. Each message is immediately
preceded by a header that lists the party that sent the message. The header may also list
the time when the message was sent or received.
Separator: divides the text panel and the input panel. You can move the separator bar
up or down to adjust the size of the panels.
Input Panel: displays text that you are preparing for the other participant.
Add Participant Field: users are added to the visible chat session by entering their
name, number, or address in this field.
Chat Tab (visible session): this tab denotes the chat session displayed in the text
panel. The visible session is denoted by yellow background.
Session Participants: this field lists the participants of the chat session displayed in the
text field.
Chat Tab (dormant session): this field references a chat session that is not displayed in
the text panel and is denoted by the blue background. To activate a dormant chat
session, press the chat tab.
Send button: transmits Input panel contents to the other participant. When you press
the Send button, input panel contents are moved to the Text panel.
Status bar: provides IM status messages, such as notification that the other participant
is typing a message.
5.3 Conducting an IM Conversation
5.3.1 Initiating an IM Conversation
You initiate Instant Messaging conversations from the following ShoreTel Communicator
Enter the person’s name in the QuickDialer field, then display that person’s contact
options by clicking the expand icon located left of the presence icon.
Figure 5-2 displays the Instant Message option for a QuickDialer contact.
Enter sip:<IM ID>, where <IM ID> is the other user’s Instant Messaging address.
Directory Viewer: Right click on the desired contact to display a menu that includes an
IM option.
Call Toolbar: Pressing the IM button adds an IM to an existing call. This button is
inactive when there are no active calls.
History: Right click on the History entry of a desired contact to display a menu that
includes an IM option.
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