ShoreTel 12.3 83
Instant Messaging
5.1 Description
Instant messaging is the real-time transmission of text between two or more system users.
Instant messages are sent from and received through a message window. Instant messages
do not use call cells. Users can participate in simultaneous multiple chat sessions.
ShoreTel Communicator provides IM presence to indicate user availability for engaging in
instant messaging conversations. IM presence is described in Section 6.2.2 on page 82.
5.2 The Instant Message Window
The Instant Message window, shown in Figure 5-1, sends and receives text messages.
ShoreTel Communicator displays this window under the following situations:
the user initiates an instant message conversation
the user receives the first message of an IM conversation
All IMs of a single conversation are displayed in the same Instant Message window. Closing
an IM window erases all messages in the window unless they were previously saved. After
closing an IM window, a user can start a new conversation with the same user.
ShoreTel Communicator options can configure Instant Messaging such that all chat
sessions are controlled from a single window or that separate windows are opened for each
chat session. Figure 5-1 displays an Instant Message window that controls two sessions; the
Figure 5-1 Instant Message window components
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