ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
Display Properties: Select this option to display a popup that lists the call properties.
This is the only method of viewing a call’s routing slip from either mode.
Record Grouping: Select this option to sort the call record by the call type, as specified
in the From/To field.
Automatic Column Width Adjustment: Selecting Fit Column Widths to Text adjusts
the size of the content columns to display contents of all record fields.
4.9.4 Initiating Calls from the History Viewer
You can dial a previously made call or call back someone who called you from the History
To dial the number associated to a History Viewer record, perform one of the following:
Double click the call record
Right click on the call record and select the desired number or address at the top of the
context menu.
4.10 Call Routing Slips
A call routing slip lists the call's originating and destination information, the duration of
the call duration, the list of other extensions that handled the call, and the final disposition
of the call. You view an active call's routing slip from the Call Details panel; you view the
routing slip of a previous call from the History panel, as described in Section 4.9.1.
To view the Call Details panel for the highlighted call perform one of the following:
Right click the call cell and select More Info on the context menu.
Click the More Info icon on the right side of the call cell.
Click the Application Button and select Call -> More Info.
Select Call -> More Info on the Main Menu.
Right click the ShoreTel Tray icon and select Call -> More Info.
4.11 Call Notes
The Call Notes window is available to all clients, but will only be shown by default in an
Operator ShoreTel Communicator. The window is displayed by using the corresponding
menu option or the current Call Notes button on the call cell.
Once displayed, if there are no active calls, the Notes window is empty and no editing is
permitted. You cannot display the call notes for multiple calls at the same time and
ShoreTel Communicator will only display the notes for the currently selected call from the
call cells list.
Call Detail Viewer display options include:
Call Notes Display: For each selected active call the Notes window will display the Call
Notes and Routing Slip for that particular call. By default the users are only allowed to
add text to the Call Notes in this window as long as a call is active.
Each line will be prefixed with the user's name and extension. The user can enter the
text in the edit control and press Enter or click the "+" button on the right side of the
edit control, to append the current text to the call note. The call note will not be
modified until Enter or "+" keys are pressed.
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