Chapter 4: Voice Calls ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 79
4.9.2 Managing History Viewer Records
The following sections describe the file manipulation operations that control the contents
of the History Viewer. Deleting a Record
Messages moved to the Deleted folder remain there until 2:00 a.m local (server) time, when
ShoreWare removes messages that are at least 6 hours old. Voice mail messages less than six
hours old remain in the Deleted folder until 2:00 a.m. the next day.
To move the highlighted message to the deleted folder, right click the record and select
Delete Record(s) Clearing the History
You can recover messages in the Deleted folder until ShoreWare removes them from the
server during the 2:00 am voice mail maintenance cycle. To recover a message in the Delete
folder, move it to the Inbox or Saved folders.
To remove all records from the History viewer, right click in the Contents region and
select Clear History. Exporting History Contents
ShoreWare supports the export of History viewer contents to csv files.
Comma-separated values (.csv) file format is a file type that stores tabular data by using
commas to delimit data fields. CSV files are supported by most software applications and
are convertible to conform to specific requirements.
To export History Viewer contents into a .csv file, right-click in the History Viewer
Contents and select Export History from the context menu.
ShoreTel Communicator responds by converting the directory contents into a .csv file. Your
computer then opens that .csv file through the program specified for .csv files through the
folder options – typically notepad or MS Excel.
4.9.3 History Viewer Display Options
You control the display of History Viewer components from the context menu generated by
right clicking in the content region.
History Viewer display options include:
Viewer Mode: Viewer mode defines the format and contents of the content regions.
The History Viewer defines two viewer modes:
Details mode: In this mode, the History Viewer displays all viewer components
described below.
List mode: In this mode, the History Viewer displays only the Filter bar and
Contents. The Contents region displays the Column Headings, Phone Number,
Start Time, and Duration. You cannot alter the columns displayed in List mode.
To select the Viewer mode, right click in the contents region and select Details or
List in the context menu.
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