ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
Voice Main Viewer components in Details mode include:
Filter bar: The History viewer displays only entries whose sender name or number
match filter bar contents. Filter bar contents are compared to columns that list name
and contact information.
Column Headings: Column headings indicate the data field name for the address
From/To: This column displays an icon and label that indicates the call origination
or disposition. Available icon labels include To , From, Missed, Message, and
Tr a n s f e r re d .
Phone Number: This column lists the number of the other party.
Name: This column lists the name of the party on the other side of the call. If the
number matches a directory entry, this column displays the name of the entity.
Start Time: This column lists the time and date that the call was initiated.
Duration: This column lists the duration of the call in minutes and seconds.
Call Note: This column lists a note that was associated with the call. To enter a note
for a History Viewer call, right click on the call and select Properties.
Account Code: This column lists the account code associated with a call. You attach
an account code at the time of a call by right clicking the call cell.
GUID: The GUID is a number that identifies a call record.
Trunk: This column lists the system trunk through which the call was conducted.
The Routing Slip is not viewable from the Content table. However, you can view
the Routing Slip for a call by right clicking on the call’s record and selecting
Viewer operations that manipulate viewer heading bar contents include:
To add a column to the table, right click in the Contents region and select Choose
Columns. Then drag the column to be added to the desired location in the Column
To sort the contents, click in the heading of the desired sort column. Clicking
repetitively in the field reverses the order of the sort.
To move a column to a different heading location, click and hold on the column to
be moved, then drag the column to the desired location.
To remove a column from the table, click and hold on the column to be removed
then drag the column from the table until a large X appears on the column.
Contents: The table below the column headings displays specified properties of your
calls. Two viewer modes – Details mode and List mode – are available, as described in
Section 4.9.3.
You can also view information about the call by right clicking on the record and
selecting Properties.
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