Chapter 4: Voice Calls ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 77
4.9 History Viewer
The History Viewer displays information about your previous calls. Each History Viewer
record in the History Viewer includes the number of an outbound call's destination or
inbound call's source along with the start time and duration of each call. History Viewer
tools control the display of the calls, manage call records, and initiate calls to numbers
listed in the call records.
To open the History Viewer, perform one of the following:
Click the Application Button and select Windows -> History
Select Windows -> History from the Main Menu
Right click the ShoreTel icon in the System Tray and select Windows -> History
Press Ctrl+Shift+H
The History viewer opens in the Main window content area or in a Satellite window.
The History Viewer record capacity is 1000 calls. Calls are added to the list when they are
completed. When the list contents exceeds the capacity, records are removed in the order
they are received when you exit ShoreTel Communicator.
ShoreTel Communicator operations available from History Viewer are available through a
context menu by right clicking in the viewer table.
4.9.1 History Viewer Components
The History Viewer displays one record for each call that you make or receive, as shown in
Figure 4-26. Each row corresponds to one call record. Each column lists one property of
the call.
Figure 4-26 History panel
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