Chapter 4: Voice Calls ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 73
For a list of Video Cameras currently supported by ShoreTel Communicator, refer to “Video
Camera Requirements for ShoreWare ShoreTel Communicator, Feature AN-10062”. These
application notes are posted on the support site and searchable through the Knowledge
base. Adding Video to Existing Voice Calls
Users request a video call through the following ShoreTel Communicator components:
Active call cell
The video request button is active if both voice call participants are able to perform
video calls.
ShoreTel Communicator Toolbar
Make New Call menu or toolbar item
Video session request recipients are notified when a ShoreTel Communicator user requests
a video session. The notification panel display buttons for accepting or rejecting the
request. Video Window
Video is shown in an independent window that is not dockable with the ShoreTel
Communicator window. The video window displays two ports to show both call
participants. The resident ShoreTel Communicator user is displayed in the smaller window.
The video window provides the following components:
Video Status and Message Bar: This component displays the video session status.
Answer Button: This button resumes a call that is on hold. The video window displays
this button when the user places the call on hold.
Hang-Up Button: This button terminates the call.
Transfer Button: This button transfers the call, including the video session, to another
Terminating a voice call also ends the video session. Ending a video session does not
terminate a voice call. Configuring Video Call Settings
ShoreTel Communicator users configure their Video Call settings from the Options and
Preferences: Video panel.
Section A.2.16 on page 208 describes the Options and Preferences: Video panel.
4.7.4 Intercom
Intercom calls are simultaneously placed to all system users authorized to receive intercom
calls. Intercom calls to idle IP phones and off-hook analog phones or off-hook SoftPhones
in handsfree mode, are automatically answered and connected through the called party's
speaker phone following an announcement tone. Intercom calls to on-hook analog phones
have the same ring as other calls.
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