ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
4.6.7 Ending a Call
How you hang up a call depends on the mode in which you answer the call.
To disconnect a call from ShoreTel Communicator, perform one of the following:
Press the HangUp button on the call cell.
Right click the call cell and select Hang Up
Select Call -> Hang Up from the main menu.
Click the Application Button and select Call -> Hang Up.
Right click the ShoreTel Tray icon and select Call -> Hang Up.
Press Ctrl+U
After disconnecting the call, place the device assigned to your extension on hook.
4.7 Specialty Calls
4.7.1 Conference Calls
Conference calls are voice calls that involve more than two parties. ShoreTel
Communicator supports conference calls with a maximum of six participants. The
maximum conference call size is specified by your system administrator. Conference
participants may be ShoreWare users or external parties.
The Active Call Area in Figure 4-22 contains a conference call cell. The top line in the cell
denotes the Conference Call type. The lines directly below the Conference Call indicator
and status list the participants of the conference call.
Figure 4-21 Keypad button and the Keypad
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