ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
Press the Intercom button to transfer the call to the intercom system.
Press the To Mailbox button to transfer the call to the recipient’s voice mailbox.
Press Whisper Page to send a whisper page to the recipient. Guided Transfer
ShoreTel Communicator provides Guided Transfer when initiating one call while another
call is connected. When you initiate a new call while another call is in progress, the call in
progress is placed on hold and becomes the guided call.
When the second call reaches the Proceeding or Connected state, the cell for the first call
displays Guided Transfer Conference buttons labeled Transfer, Conference, and No
Thanks, as shown in Figure 4-17. The Trans fer and No Thanks buttons are always active;
the Conference button is inactive while the second call is in Proceeding state and becomes
active when the second call reaches Connected state.
When you press the Tran sfe r button before the call reaches the Connected button,
the call is immediately transferred.
When you press the Tra nsf e r button after the second call reaches the Connected
state, ShoreWare performs a consultative transfer where the first call is the transferred
call and the second call is to the transfer recipient.
When you press the Conference button, ShoreTel Communicator either initiates or
continues a conference by adding the new call to the conference. ShoreTel
Communicator disables the Tra n sf er button when a Conference call is active.
Figure 4-17 Guided Transfer panel
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