Chapter 4: Voice Calls ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 59
To use the instant messaging feature, follow these steps.
Step 1 When the inbound call notification dialogue box is displayed as shown in the
Figure above, click the "Send IM" button to initiate an IM chat session with the
incoming caller.
The following chat window will open and the user will be able to start IM session
with the caller an instant message.
Figure 4-15IIM Chat Window
When ShoreTel Communicator is active (it does not have to be displayed on the
desktop, but does have to be an active running program), and an inbound call is
presented to the user the Active Call Alert pop up window will appear in the lower
right hand corner of the desktop.
The caller has the option of answering the call by selecting the "Answer" button or
sending the incoming caller to voice mail using the "To VM" button. If the incoming
caller’s ID is a recognized internal system caller or a recognized contact, the user will be
presented with the option to respond to the caller using IM
4.6 During an Active Call
ShoreTel Communicator represents each voice call connection as a call cell in the Active
Call Area. Section on page 26 describes the Active Call Area and call cells.
The following sections describe call management tasks that you can perform through
ShoreTel Communicator.
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