ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
58 Activating Find Me
Find Me call handling is enabled during active Call Handling Mode periods that specify
Find Me. Refer to Section 4.5.4 on page 46 for information on active call handling modes
and configuring call handling mode parameters. Configuring Find Me
The Options and Preferences: Find Me panel specifies the Find Me destinations and
specify the number of times ShoreTel Communicator rings each Find Me device. You can
also program ShoreTel Communicator to send inbound callers to your Find Me
destinations without requiring the caller to press 1.
Section A.2.5 on page 189 describes the Options and Preferences: Find Me panel. Configuring Announced Find Me
Announced Find Me is available for users assigned to a class of service for which Find Me
is authorized. ShoreWare provides three methods of enabling Announced Find Me for a
user: from Director, from ShoreTel Communicator, and from Web Access.
Refer to Section A.2.6 on page 190 for information on configuring Announced Find Me
from the Options and Preferences: Find Me panel.
4.5.7 IM Responses to Inbound Calls
The IM Response to Inbound Calls is a feature that allows users to provide callers with an
immediate response through the Incoming Call Pop Up window of ShoreTel
Communicator. When a new call comes in the callers Caller ID is presented along with
three possible user call response options. Users can choose to Answer the call, Send the call
to Voice Mail or send an Instant Message to the caller. The Instant Messaging feature is
available for any incoming call from a recognized caller in the user's contacts list. ShoreTel
Communicator matches the Caller’s ID to the user’s contact profile and allows the user to
send an instant message to the caller if the callers IM address is found.
To implement the IM response to inbound calls feature the user must have Professional
level access in ShoreTel Communicator and must have IM configured in their ShoreWare
Director profile. In order for the IM address of the inbound caller to be recognized, the
caller must be added to the user's contacts or to their buddy list. An IM server such as
Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 or the ShoreTel Conference Bridge must be
configured in the ShoreWare Director and installed and available on a separate server. All
users must have a profile created on the IM Server.
Figure 4-14IIncoming Call Pop Up Window
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