Chapter 4: Voice Calls ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 57
4.5.6 Find Me
Find Me call handling allows callers who are routed to your voice mailbox to contact you at
alternate devices by pressing “1” while listening to your voice mail greeting. You can
specify two numbers for rerouting callers through Find Me. The standard voice mail
greeting does not prompt the caller on the availability of Find Me call handling.
Find Me call handling is enabled through call handling mode settings. Find Me
destinations are independent of the call handling modes that activate Find Me.
After the caller presses 1, ShoreTel Communicator plays an audio prompt advising the
caller that Find Me destinations are being called. If the call is not answered at either Find
Me destination, the caller is sent to your voice mail.
When a call is forwarded to a Find Me destination, the phone at the Find Me destination
displays your voice mail’s caller ID. When you answer the call, you hear a prompt
announcing the intended call recipient and the caller’s ID information.
Announced Find Me provides for the recording of the caller’s name for calls routed to Find
Me destinations. Announced Find Me enhances the base Find Me feature such that:
The caller’s name is announced to the recipient of a Find Me call.
Callers from external numbers or from internal extensions without a recorded name are
prompted to record their name before the call is routed to the recipient.
Announced Find Me can be configured to require all users to record their names at the
time of the call, except for those from internal extensions with a recorded name.
Figure 4-13 Call Handling Plan with multiple rules
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