ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
Forward Call to Announced Find Me: This action routes the call to voicemail,
which then forwards the call to the recipient’s Find Me number where the caller’s
name is announced to the recipient, as described in Section 4.5.6.
Play Ringtone: This action programs the phone to play the specified ShorePhone
ringtone. This action is available only when receiving calls on a ShorePhone that
support multiple ringtones.
Call Routing Plan
The Call Routing Plan is the Personalized Call Handling component that determines the
routing method of a user’s inbound calls. The following sections describe the composition
and operation of a call routing plan.
A call routing plan consists of a maximum of ten call handling rules. The plan specifies the
rules that are active and lists the rules in the order that by which they are used to evaluate
characteristics of the inbound call.
When a user receives an inbound call, the system evaluates the characteristics against the
highest priority call handling rule that is enabled. If all of the criteria comprising the
condition of that rule matches the call characteristics, the call is routed as specified by the
rule’s action and the plan execution is complete. If any of the criteria do not match the call
characteristics, the system continues the plan execution by evaluating the call against the
enable rule with the next highest priority.
This process is repeated for all enabled call handling rules. If the call characteristics do not
match the conditions of any enabled call handling rule, the call is routed as specified by the
active Call Handling Mode. Implementing Personalized Call Handling
The following steps are required to implement Personalized Call Handling for a system
Receive Administrator Access to Personalized Call Permission
Create and Edit Call Handling Rules
Manage the Call Routing Plan
Administrative Oversight of defined plans
The following sections describes the required steps.
Administrative Permission
All users that have access to Professional, Workgroup Agent, Workgroup Supervisor, or
Operator ShoreTel Communicator are authorized to use Personalized Call Handling.
Your system administrator can provide authorization for a ShoreTel Communicator version
that supports Personalized Call Handling.
Creating and Editing Call Handling Rules
Personalized Call Handling Rules are created or edited from the Options and Preferences:
Personalized Call Handling panel, as shown in Figure 4-8. Refer to Section A.2.12 on page
200 for a complete description of the Personalized Call Handling panel.
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