ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
Personalized Call Handling filters and manages inbound calls on the basis of multiple
criteria including time or date calls are received, end user status, and caller identity.
Personalized Call Handling is implemented through Call Routing Plans and Call Routing
•The call routing plan specifies a user’s call handling method. The plan prioritizes a list
of enabled Call Handling Rules.
A call handling rule is the base unit of a Call Routing Plan that consists of a condition
and action. When a call handling rule is active and the condition is satisfied, the action
specifies method by which the ShoreTel system handles the user’s call.
Section A.2.12 describes the User Interface panel that configures Personalized Call
Handling. Licensing
Personalized Call Handling is available to all System Users that are authorized for the
following ShoreTel Communicator types:
Workgroup Agent
Workgroup Supervisor
Administrator authorization is not required for user assigned to these ShoreTel
Communicator types. Description
A Call Routing Plan manages a user's inbound voice calls. The plan consists of call
handling rules, each of which specifies a method of handling a call when a condition set is
valid. The plan enables and prioritizes selected rules. The user's inbound calls are evaluated
against the call handling rules. The highest priority rule with conditions that are satisfied
define the handling method for the call.
The call routing plan takes precedence over the active Call Handling Mode.
This section describes the structure and call handling rules, followed by a discussion of
creating a call routing plan from these rules.
Call Handling Rules
Call handling rules are the Personalized Call Handling components that define evaluation
conditions and handling action. When the rule is active and the condition is satisfied, the
action determines how the call is handled.
Three components comprise a call handling rule: name, condition, and action. The
following sections describe call handling rule components.
Name: The name is the label by which ShoreTel Communicator and Director refers to a
call handling rule. Users specify the name when they create the rule.
Condition: The condition is the filtering criteria that determines if a corresponding call
handling action is performed. When a condition statement consists of multiple criteria,
each criterion must be satisfied or the action is not performed.
Call Handling Rules defines the following six types of criteria
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