ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
The user’s active call handling mode is Custom during the times listed by the selected
Custom schedule unless the user manually changes the mode. The Schedule drop
down menu on the Custom call handling mode Preferences panel lists the Custom
schedules configured by the administrator.
In a Meeting mode is not associated to a schedule and cannot become active through
an automatic mode selection.
Manual Mode Transitions
You can select the active call handling mode through ShoreTel Communicator. A selected
call handling mode remains active until you manually select a different mode or an
automatic mode transition is performed, as scheduled by the mode configuration panels.
To change the active call handling mode, perform one of the following:
•Modify the Current call handling mode setting on the Options and Preferences: Call
Handling Mode panel, as described in Section A.2.3.
Click the Call Handling Mode button on the Assignment bar and select the desired
mode from the drop down menu.
Press the hot key combination for the desired mode:
Press Ctrl+Shift+1 for Standard Mode.
Press Ctrl+Shift+2 for In a Meeting Mode.
Press Ctrl+Shift+3 for Out of Office Mode.
Press Ctrl+Shift+4 for Extended Absence Mode.
Press Ctrl+Shift+5 for Custom Mode. Call Handling Mode Warnings
ShoreTel Communicator can be programmed to warn you if the following Call Handling
conditions are present when you start ShoreTel Communicator:
The Current Call Handling Mode is not Standard.
The Forward Calls setting for Standard Call Handling Mode is Forward Always.
These parameters are set from the Options and Preferences: Call Handling Mode panel, as
described in Section A.2.3. Call Handling Mode Delegation
Call Handling Mode Delegation permits the change of a user’s current call handling mode
by other users. Call Handling Mode delegation permissions are managed from the
following locations:
Options and Preferences: Call Handling Mode panel.
ShoreWare Director – requires system administrator access.
Users modify another user’s current call handling mode through the following tools:
Operator ShoreTel Communicator, by right clicking a user in the Contact Viewer.
Web Access Client, by selecting Other -> CHM Delegation.
To add a user to the delegation authorization list:
Step 1 Open the Options and Preferences: Call Handling Mode panel, as shown in Figure
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