ShoreTel Communicator for Windows Chapter 4: Voice Calls
4.5.4 Automated Call Handling
A Call Handling Mode defines call management conditions and tasks for your inbound
calls. ShoreWare defines the following five call handling modes for each extension to
customize the manner that a user’s calls are handled over a variety of situations.
In a Meeting
Out of Office
Extended Absence
One call handling mode is always active. ShoreWare automatically selects the active call
handling mode on the basis of system schedules maintained by the system administrator.
Users can also manually select their active call handling mode.
The following sections describe call management tasks controlled by Call Handling Modes,
along with the automatic and manual methods of selecting the active call handling mode. Configuring the Call Handling Modes
Mode Configuration panels configure call handling methods when the specified call
handling mode is active. The Option and Configuration window provides access to five
Call Handling Mode configuration panels, one for each call handling mode.
Section A.2.4 on page 187 describes the Call Handling Mode configuration panels. Setting the Active Call Handling Mode
The active Call Handling Mode specifies the manner by which ShoreTel Communicator
handles your inbound calls. ShoreWare automatically activates call handling modes, as
specified by system schedules maintained by the administrator. You can also manually
select the active call handling mode.
Automatic Mode Selection
A ShoreWare schedule is a software component that specifies a set of time periods. ShoreTel
Communicator uses schedules to program call handling mode changes for system users.
Each schedule consists of a name and a list of day-time intervals. ShoreTel Communicator
panels refer to the schedule by its name and specify an active call handling mode during the
ShoreWare defines three schedule types:
On-hour schedules: On-hour schedules specify day and time intervals over a weekly
period without referencing a specific date. Figure 4-4 displays three examples of On-
hour schedules.
Figure 4-4 On-Hour Schedule Examples
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