Chapter 4: Voice Calls ShoreTel Communicator for Windows
ShoreTel 12.3 41
To access the Call Waiting mode suppression parameter:
Step 1 Open Options and Preferences by performing one of the following:
Select Tools -> Options from the Main menu.
Click the Application Button and select Options.
Right click the ShoreTel Communicator icon in the System Tray and select
Press Ctrl+O.
Step 2 Select Telephony in the menu on the left side of the window.
Step 3 Select a call waiting tone option by setting Suppress call waiting tone for subsequent
calls as follows:
Select Suppress call waiting tone for subsequent calls to disable the tone.
Clear Suppress call waiting tone for subsequent calls to activate the tone.
Section A.2.11 on page 198 describes the Options and Preferences: Telephony panel.
4.4 Making a Call
You can initiate voice calls from the Main window and from Viewers that display contact
names or numbers. This section contains procedures for initiating calls from QuickDialer,
the Make New Call panel, and from ShoreTel Communicator viewers.
To initiate a call by selecting a name or number from the QuickDialer drop down menu:
Step 1 Perform one of the following:
Begin entering the contact name or number in the data entry field.
Press the Redial icon located on the right side of the data entry field.
Refer to Figure 4-1 for the location of the QuickDialer components. Section
on page 24 describes QuickDialer.
Step 2 Select the desired contact in the drop-down menu.
Step 3 Double click the menu entry, press the Enter key, or click the Go arrow.
Figure 4-1 QuickDialer Components
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